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Special Note:  If you have a legal matter you want an attorney to assess and you want to contact an attorney at our office -- YOU SHOULD FIRST -- contact us using either the "Case Evaluation Form" below or contact us via Email using our Email link in the right-hand column (the revolving globe icon)."  (If you do call without first sending an Email or Eval Form, be sure to leave a message if the call goes to voicemail - as the attorney will only return calls if a message has been left in voicemail).

Special Note:  This is a "Fast-track" rapid response system that provides the attorney with an optimally efficient precedure for quickly and accurately assessing a significant number of cases - by allowing him to concentrate expended energy so he can focus-down on the core legal issue\problem you need help with.  It only works well when prospective clients take the time to describe the specific problem they have - citing sufficient specific 'facts' that are relevant to that legal problem.  Sweeping, overly broad generalities like "I have a landlord problem" utterly defeat the attorney's effort here to provide you with a coherent, accurate, meaningful, FREE 'Case Evaluation' (Assessment).

        The Evaluation Form below, with description of the case facts, enables this attorney to quickly and efficiently 'cut-to-the-chase' and provide prospective clients with a swift, rapid assessment. Once our office receives this Evaluation Form it is IMMEDIATELY reviewed by the attorney, who will respond to your inquiry swiftly, without delay.  Once YOU make Email contact with us personally via Email or this Evaluation Form below, we will contact you and provide you with a direct Email address for correspondence and we'll provide you with other vital contact info. The attorney will also advise you of his case assessment at that time.

  Each person gets only ONE "Free Initial Consultation" or "Case Evaluation" per legal problem - issue.  In order for it to be useful and meaningful, it should occur AFTER the attorney has had time to research the legal issue - which is WHY we urge prospective clients to send us the completed Case Evaluation Form or Email case description BEFORE calling our office.  REMEMBER: Fields with an Asterisk (*) are required.

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* Prior Case Outcomes
Defense Counsel's Speedy Trial motion to dismiss granted because Long Island DA failed to get case to trial within reasonable amount of time as required by law.
Defense Counsel's motion to dismiss granted because North Country Defendant was NOT prosecuted within the required Statute of Limitations time frame.
Motion to dismiss filed after Defense Counsel caught two State Troopers red-handed committing perjury during a preliminary hearing.
Bronx Felony charges dismissed and misdemeanor DWI reduced to minor "violation" after Defense Counsel demonstrated crucial defect in prosecution case.
Upon Defense Counsel's motion, Manhattan DWI case dismissed for violating Defendant's Speedy Trial rights.
Serious multiple felony drug charges reduced to single minor misdemeanor charge after Defense Counsel successfully challenged defective North Country Grand Jury proceedings.
Upon Defense Counsel's motion, Upstate DWI case dismissed for violating Defendant's Speedy Trial rights.
Defendant acquitted at trial of DWI & all related misdemeanor charges, after Defense Counsel catches arresting police officer committing perjury at trial.
Federal DWI charge reduced to minor violation (plea deal) after Defense Counsel challenged illegal Orange County police stop of Defendant.
Defendant acquitted at trial of multiple drug charges, after Defense Counsel catches 3 police officers committing perjury at trial.
Assault and Resisting Arrest trial convictions overturned on Appeal and Defendant acquitted, after Defense Counsel proved trial evidence did not support conviction.
Carrying Concealed Weapon on Airline Flight - Charges dismissed after Defense Counsel proves Defendant's conduct was NOT unlawful under controlling statute.



  Special Note:  Our office takes-on cases many other law firms will not take - because they feel there's not enough money to be made in those kinds of cases. Our office is able to offer its services for extremely low fees because we do not maintain a costly posh extravagant office with a legion of office secretaries, legal assistants, law partners, paralegals, office staff, receptionists, copy machines, office rent, and costly advertising. We run a 'lean & mean' bare-bones operation with very low overhead expenses and that enables us to slash fees to the bone. We have everything a lawyer needs to be effective & successful - but we have slashed all the 'luxurious fat' from the operation. So when a client calls our office they won't get a receptionist, they'll get an attorney or a voicemail message - which the attorney promptly responds to. Our clients help us save them money in legal fees by understanding that this 'lean & mean' no-fat cost-cutting arrangement helps make the attorney more efficient and helps keep legal fees low.

  Special Note:  As part of our 'lean & mean' no-fat cost-cutting measures, we ask that prospective clients seeking to contact this attorney for the first time about their legal 'problem' FIRST complete our on-line FREE Case Evaluation Form, or at least send us an Email describing their legal issue\problem. We ask that prospective clients do this BEFORE they try to call our office about their case for the first time. We offer Prospective Clients a FREE Initial Consultation (Case Evaluation). In order obtain the FULL true benefits of this offer, it is far more effective to have this FREE 'Initial Consultation' take place AFTER the attorney has had time to research the facts and the law applicable in the client's case.  Therefore, we ask that prospective clients initially complete the Case Evaluation Form first - BEFORE calling our office for the first time.

  Special Note:  This is a 'Fast-track' Case Evaluation process. Once the attorney receives the Case Evaluation Form or Email description of the legal issues involved he will swiftly research the applicable law and the client will receive a rapid response from the attorney - at which time the client will receive a meaningful, reliable initial Case Evaluation - at no cost (FREE of charge). To be effective, the clients' description of their legal issue should specifically delineate the relevant facts and the legal issues involved. Overly broad, sweeping generalities like - "I have a landlord problem" - utterly defeat the attorney's effort to 'accurately' assess and evaluate that case.